Wang Cheng Yun
Today Art Museum, Beijing, China, opening Dec 5, 2010

Wang Chengyun is an artist of the diaspora. In the beginning of his brilliant career in Chengdu the artist was contemplated with a trip prize that took him to Germany. It was the end of the  80’s, and since then, the artist stayed ten years without returning China. After that he found a renewed Country and could retake his career gradually guiding it in the two continents. The maturity acquired overseas gave him an unique vision of his Country and allows him a certain estrangement to enjoy a critical perspective. In his paintings he shows scenes of the daily life to express the social changes brought by the progress of the big Chinese cities. While the urban panorama rejuvenates, the youths try to conquer new places and enjoy to the maximum the effective freedom in the current conditions.

Tereza de Arruda, curator

Co-curator: Wang Lin

Today Art Museum [visit website]
Building 4, Pingod Community, No. 32 Baiziwan Road Chaoyang District, Beijing, China
Exhibition Period: December 5, 2010 –