Luzia Simons, Stockage
French Institut, Istanbul, September 14 – October 28, 2005

In the work of Luzia Simons the floral still life is given a many-layered cultural and socio-political meaning. The artist has explored the history of the tulip, which is an important symbol in both Orient and Occident, and in the flower has found a metaphor for globalisation, intercultural identity and cultural nomadism. Simons raises the question of the rootedness of the individual in today’s world. What gives us a sense of home, what creates identity?

Her exhibition in Istanbul contains two central elements: on the one hand large-format photographic works, on the other a floor installation of lokum. While the scanner-generated tulip pictures refer in a contemporary way to the Dutch floral still life tradition, the pointed blossom forms of Turkish ornamental tulip imagery are quoted in the installation of lokum.

With her work cycle “Stockage” Luzia Simons establishes a compelling connection from the 17th century to the present day, characterised as it is by globalisation and multiculturalism. The variety of metaphorical references, which explicitly take up current social themes, transforms the apparently “charming” floral subject matter into an exciting discursive medium.

Dr. Claudia Emmert, Stuttgart

The exhibition, curated by Tereza de Arruda, was held within the framework of the 9th Biennial of Contemporary Art of Istanbul.

About the artist
Luzia Simons was born 1953 in Brazil. She lives and works in Germany since 1986.

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